Sketchbook 16-4-9

The peregrine falcon (warning, video again) is the fastest creature on earth. When hunting, it can dive at hundreds of kilometers per hour. Also, like other birds of prey, they have some of the keenest eyes of any animal. With these traits combined, they are able to spot, target, and close in on prey that other predators would have no hope of catching.

Full size version here.

Also SURPRISE: I made Pokemon versions of all those animal pictures. :>

Yellow jacket -> Beedrill

Honduran white bat -> Swoobat

Sugar glider -> Emolga

Peregrine falcon -> Talonflame

By the way, if you send me any requests for art, I’m like a thousand times more likely to fulfill the request if it’s for a Pokemon. Just saying.

Sketchbook 16-4-6

Double post today!

The Honduran white bat is unusual in that it constructs tents out of leaves to serve as roosts, rather than seeking out existing structures for shelter. That link isn’t informative by the way. It’s just a gallery of pictures of them being cute.

Sugar gliders (WARNING: video) are omnivorous, with a preference for sweet foods as suggested by their name. In the wild, they can spend portions of the year being exclusively insectivorous. That means they eat bugs. Lots of bugs. :>

Full size version of bat here and glider here.