Sketchbook 18-3-21

I had a very minor medical procedure done today, by very friendly and professional nurses, and it went completely without incident. Buuut I’m still gonna go ahead and give up on being productive today because goddamn do I hate hospitals. I’ll get back to comics tomorrow after the adrenaline has worn off. 8D

Sketchbook 16-4-18

Well I was going to post a real post but then there was a brownout which meant no internet to my computer. I managed to draw this on the back of a receipt and take a picture by the glorious light of my CFLs before it turned into an actual blackout. Posting this from my phone in the dark. DEDICATION.

EDIT: No sooner did I press “publish” than the power came back. Is there a moral in here somewhere about being rewarded for perseverance…? Mm no, I’m pretty sure it was just ghosts.